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About Us

In case you have not noticed, our planet is on a path toward self-destruction.  We need to conserve everything starting right now.  We need to recycle. We need to stop our dependence upon foreign energy resources. What kind of planet do we want to leave for our children and our children's children to live in?

It all starts with you. You can talk about making a difference - or you can actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOURSELF. Choose to do the right things now - choose to recycle ... choose to conserve.  Make the right choices starting today, and help spread the word!

Our mission is simply to get more people thinking about conservation of the precious natural resources of this planet. Our media for this important message is t-shirts ... everyone wears t-shirts, and ours are designed to be great-looking, and to convey the message. The more people think about recycling and conservation, the more likely they are to actually do it.

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