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Celebrity News Legal Commentator Loves MissionInland Green-theme t-shirts
You may have seen the stunningly gorgeous, quick-thinking attorney Vikki Ziegler on Fox News. Vikki is a New Jersey attorney who often presents her viewpoints to Fox’s national audience on an array of legal matters which headline our national news. Vikki is an early supporter of MissionInland.com – and she was kind enough to send us in this photo of herself as she was leaving for the gym, and wearing one of our Green Planet t-shirts.

Vikki Ziegler - MissionInland.com Green Planet t-shirt

We love Vikki Ziegler – so be sure to check her out on Fox News. You can read more about Vikki here:

Vikki Ziegler Midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month – April 2008



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Green-theme Polar Bears?
Who would have guessed that polar bears want to be green? I wonder if they would rather simply wear our green-theme t-shirts???

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